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Changelog 09-06-2019

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Crash Fixes related to Bounty Hunter NPC where list becomes more than 45 entries, 
cannot handle more entries., client limitation.

Added Page/s Sections options in case bounty list goes over 45 entries.

Changes to BountyHunter Scripting, removed Bounty Tokens and remade the code to support Gold Bounties/Rewards

Crash Fixes related to Flight Command invalid target/nulled pointer

Core/Handlers: Handle CMSG_REQUEST_PET_INFO - this fixes when you /reload or relog and the pet bar disappears

Scripts/Outlands: Fix npc_ancestral_wolf not starting waypoint

Add a way to not follow owner automatically in CreatureAI::JustAppeared() for tempsummons * fix nopch

Scripts/Ulduar: Fix Stormcaller Brundir walking into walls 

Cleanup and fix logic + review * Review: remove autos

Finalization of POS - 100%

Scripts/PitOfSaron: Fix Krick sometimes stuck in combat after finish killing Ick

Scripts/Pet: Fix npc_pet_gen_soul_trader not following owner, depends on where it's spawned by players



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