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Yours truly

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Hello everyone ❤️

I'm Maydie and I come from Copenhagen, Denmark!

Private bio stuff

I'm 26 years old and I work as a business analyst in a large company. My primary field and expertise is incident management and stakeholder management. I live with my girlfriend and our beautiful 4 months old son, who has been named Frank by the People on this server. 😂 

My primary hobbies are music, gaming and socializing. 

I like to think of myself as very a Kind, helpful, steadfast, dedicated and eccentric person. 



I played WoW since 2005. I clearly remember standing in line at Blockbuster at 11:59 PM to snatch my copy of all expansions etc. 😄 I joined V.C.N back in 2009 and immediatly fell in love with the server, the staff and the community. I played on many other servers and I had my own private server for 6 months, who made it to a population of about 40 People (yeah I know 😂). 


I stopped playing WoW to go to college and I missed it and thought of V. C.N. The same day Ymerheim launched and I've since been one of the most active players and facilitated many events because I love bring here with you guys ❤️


As always I'm here to help, talk, PvP, raid and everything else. 🙌


Thanks for reading - see you online ❤️

- Maydie


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Welcome! Glad to have you here.

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+1 rep to Frank, he's a good little lad

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