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Ymirheim Progession

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Welcome everyone!

As we progress towards the finish line with our Server Development, we would like to take a moment and provide some information about our upcoming Realm "Ymirheim".

Vengeful-WoW Ymirheim Realm is being developed since 2018  and will provide players with a very unique experience like no other.

A completely different approach to PVE/Funserver:

  • - x7 Rates and x5 on Gold
  • - Access to Custom Rates where players can select their own rates with a simple command.
  • - Working Quests
  • - Free Heirlooms
  • - Leveling Rewards
  • - Teleport Stone at level 10
  • - Every Single Expansion Transmog Including, BFA, Legion Mythic, MOP, Custom Wings and Artifacts
  • - Custom XP buffs

There are no Custom Gear on our PVE Funserver, however when it comes to Scripts we are all about Custom, Never Seen Scripts and Vengeful-WoW is also very proud to have a working AH, Pathfinding, AOE Cap.

While we strive for PVE Funserver Environment, we also provide features like Challenge Mode, Arena Spectate and Custom Arena Brackets for those who wishes to take PVP to another level! We wish to see everyone soon! 


Thank you for reading!



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