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  3. Hello Everyone who stumbled Across this I'm Noire /ˈnwɑɹ/ I work as an Graphic designer/Artist In the City of Brno In The Czech Republic Working on Random Indie Games and Animations I Was born in a little town Of Vyškov I Am 19 Years old I'm an Anime Fan , Long time VCN Player And a Long time Warrior Player I Make allot of bad jokes to try to get ppl in the Good Mood My Hobbies are Drawing,Gaming,Chatting,Roleplaying,Helping People And Ganking Toxic Players I Hope i meet Ya'll in game ^^ PS:If You are toxic you Should Hope You wont meet me ❤️ GLHF A Little Picture For Intrest I ❤️ Hentai ❤️
  4. Welcome !!! It's Lovely We have You here ^^