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  4. i got all the patches and used the sites download for a new client but everytime i go to load the server it says downloading update
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  6. You are tagging dev in discord instead of sending a message directly, if you are receiving a wrong info message it means you have the WRONG info. Create your GAME Account here [Hidden Content] and then login using that information,. Login using your USERNAME and PASSWORD and make sure your realmlist is set to logon.vcnwow.net Next time, use SUPPORT Section, Thank you
  7. When i try to sign in it says information not valid... Double checked realmist.And nobody gives a f*** on discord please help me...
  8. We update our core and submit fixes from Github Reports every 3 days, when we execute those updates server will be offline from anywhere between 10-20 minutes. In order to keep everyone up to date, and avoid unscheduled downtime on our realm, we predefined a specific schedule: Every Monday | 3:00am to 3:20 am Every Thursday | 4:00am to 4:20 am Server updates will always be held during a night and executed with speed and efficiency. If you would like to submit a report for our Developers, please feel free to navigate to our Github Tracker and open a "New Issue" , one of our Developers will submit a fix so it can be applied to our realm on one of these predefined dates. Thank you
  9. The information below should provide all the answers you are looking for (dates subject to change): When we say flexible and highrate progression, we're talking about releasing a new tier of content at the right time. However due to our custom highrates and increased Rates, we decided to open most popular Instances/Raids right away. Aug 17th 2019 | 17:00 GMT Grand Opening of Ymirheim PVE Highrate Realm WOTLK Instances/Raids already open and available Archavon The Stone Watcher The Obsidian Sanctum Naxxramas Eye of Eternity Argent Tournament Trial of the Champion Onyxia's Lair August 30th 2019 | 21:00 GMT Ulduar Trial of the Crusader September 30th 2019 | 21:00 GMT Icecrown Citadel The Frozen Halls The Forge of Souls Halls of Reflection Pit of Saron
  10. The connection post is in fact very detailed, downloading a client, changing a realmlist is few steps you can overtake using any guide
  11. Followed the connection post, completely useless. Can't do anything.
  12. Came here from Reddit, excited to try it out!
  13. We are right on time. Few hours away from opening doors to public. Thank you
  14. DB/Creature: Proto-Drake Corpse, Dead Drakerider & Dead Warbear DB/Quest: fix chaining for some Alliance Icecrown quests. DB/Creature: Anub'ar Darter DB/Misc: Spirit Healers in Death Knight starting area DB/Creature: Scarlet Lord Jesseriah McCree Scripts/Blackrock Depths: Use DB Texts for Doom'rel DB/SAI: Add Explosive Rune ability to Dregmar Runebrand DB/Creature: Bristlepine Den Bunny DB/Creature: Add missing spawns to Area 52 DB/Quest: The Bones of Nozronn Scripts/Spells: Fixed mage Empowered Fire regain percent Core/Pooling: Quest pooling rewrite Core/Vehicle: Change vehicle accessories' phase according to the play Core/Chat: Always save channel info to database on shutdown if persis Core/Unit: Spell focusing now no longer nonsensical. HasSpellFocus a Core/Misc: Rewrite some old name handling functions that use raw buff DB/Creature: Argent Shieldman & Rotting Abomination DB/Creature: Vrykul Harpoon Gun DB/Creature: Add Nexus missing spawns DB/Creature: Taking Wing Timer Bunny DB/Creature: Great Brewfest Kodo DB/Creature: Protean Nightmare and Protean Horror DB/Creature: Arugal Rotation Bunny
  15. We are on schedule, as our timeline approaches, we have completed the following: August 14 - Cosmetic Touchups, Vendors, Starting Zones, Transmog System. August 15 - VIP System integration and permissions merge.
  16. I want to play now!! i'm so excited
  17. Earlier
  18. Ymirheim Realm stability stress test and Public Globalization process.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Patch 1️⃣: Legion Items and BFA 8.1 / Mythic / MOP Sets, Custom Currency System
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Patch 2️⃣: Legion Mounts and Creatures
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Patch 3️⃣: Legion Textures, Building, Floors, Tiles.
  22. Anubis

    Ymirheim Goes Live!

  23. August 12 - PVE Realm goes online for Internal Testing of all custom features. Was a success as we move on to our next testing phase. Thank you
  24. I provided adult entertainment from stripper (male, female or both) and other exotic events to non exotic girls and guys nightout such as Gun range & brewery, Spa or hair salon & wine tasting Also do planned Anaverery Scavenger hunt for gentleman that are less romantic.....starting at nail salon (each location will have a clue to the next location) and ending at restaurant where husband is waiting Currently provide bonus features Party bus with or without stripper pole Bouncers/BodyGuards Bartenders Catering Cajun cuisine Mobile bar Coming Soon Party pontoon boat Fetish theme Party Lightsaber Pole dancing
  25. Today we implemented a feature for migrating your server account with the forum. This means: Once you have registered on the forum you are able to link your server account to the forum Login -> Account Settings -> Game account login & link your in-game account You will then be able to login with both accounts, (whichever you find easier) If you do encounter any issues with this proccess please inform one of our staff members with as much detail as possible in order for us to troubleshoot it and help you
  26. I agree. It's a good idea in many aspects. I'll leave the poll open until further notice and we'll see what the good people of Vengance think : )
  27. Awesome Idea. I love it. I beleive that streaming will be popular at the end game state when guilds will be going after big Bosses and clearning Wotlk Instances and Raids. Lets see what others have to say, shall we?
  28. Hi folks, I've been working on a streaming service for a while, more of an "integration" and I would love to see if there are people that would enjoy such a feature here as well! Basically it would mean that you would be able to stream to the forum, we could also later on use some of the high-lights to do a collage and help us expand. I've seen a few forums use such features and in some areas it's quite popular. The reason I am asking for your opinions is because it's quite a lot of work. I would love to create it and see it implemented, I just want to know if there's any interest in such functions. Yours truly,
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