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  4. [Hidden Content] Found a site where u can download addons too just set the version right --> 3.3.5
  5. Whenever I try to download any of the patches the download fails. Help?
  7. Great stuff! I had been search this for a while
  8. Addition of 10 new Custom Mounts suggested in 🧙retroporting Implementation of 2 Mounts and Model Modification to match new visuals on Grove Warden Patch 2️⃣: Legion Mounts, Custom Mounts and Creatures [Hidden Content] | ⚠️ Size: 652MB | ⬆️Updated: 09-14-2019
  9. Will the developer continue to add some the latest expansions? WotLK is from 2008, 11 years ago. :D What is the future of the development here? I'm not being rhetorical, I want to convince my brother to come play!
  10. Welcome, mate! 🙂
  11. hytskx


    Welcome, mate! 🙂
  12. Welcome, mate! 🙂
  13. hytskx


    PS: couldnt edit my post so heres an addition to my upper post. Sorry for spam. pros: positive, likes joking, social, friendly, open minded and ambitious cons: pees in sinks when drunk, drinks too much coke sometimes, cant be seen sober friday nights and saturday nights, hardly gets motivated if demotivated
  14. hytskx


    Hello everyone! I am the annoying warlock from .w chat in-game named "Fjora". My name is Hayat Moharemov and i am from Rousse, Bulgaria. I am playing WoW since early 2008 and i started from 2.4.2 patch. So far my experience has been mainly PvE. I have played Classic, TBC, WoTLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and BFA, but i mostly enjoy Wotlk and TBC. Played mainly as resto druid, prot pal, holy priest and FDK dps. Now into my personal information 🙂 - i am 24 years old, 2 years left before i graduate from university of Angel Kantchev, based in Rousse - Business Management specialty. Currently i am working as a co-manager of a small fashion brand, which is ran by a lovely family 🙂. As hobbies - i read a lot, one of my favorite authors is Michio Kaku, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and etc. So far i love the community and the staff. Also the server is running great and has just a quite few bugs that we are all aware of. Thanks for reading, don't be shy to add me ingame 🙂
  15. Hey everyone. Its ya boy, Saidie. Gnome master race and all. 😛 My name is Davin Ojala, from St.louis Missouri, Im 20. Ive been playing WoW since 2004 and im BORED of retail so im bouncing from server to server to spread my awesomeness. 😛 But tbh i like this server, we need more people on it. I work for the government even though im only 20. 😛 so my ability to be active is a little low. But im down to do anything 😄 HMU in game.
  16. One way to get addons is go to [Hidden Content] --> Then remember just change the version to 3.3.5
  17. Crash Fixes related to Bounty Hunter NPC where list becomes more than 45 entries, cannot handle more entries., client limitation. Added Page/s Sections options in case bounty list goes over 45 entries. Changes to BountyHunter Scripting, removed Bounty Tokens and remade the code to support Gold Bounties/Rewards Crash Fixes related to Flight Command invalid target/nulled pointer Core/Handlers: Handle CMSG_REQUEST_PET_INFO - this fixes when you /reload or relog and the pet bar disappears Scripts/Outlands: Fix npc_ancestral_wolf not starting waypoint Add a way to not follow owner automatically in CreatureAI::JustAppeared() for tempsummons * fix nopch Scripts/Ulduar: Fix Stormcaller Brundir walking into walls Cleanup and fix logic + review * Review: remove autos Finalization of POS - 100% Scripts/PitOfSaron: Fix Krick sometimes stuck in combat after finish killing Ick Scripts/Pet: Fix npc_pet_gen_soul_trader not following owner, depends on where it's spawned by players
  18. Transmog | PVE Tier 16 addition to transmog selection vendors Correction to Models, adding new textures compatability Modifications and additions of missing icons for WOD items The commencing of WOD Weapons and Shields retroporting (make your requests on discord) Integration of our own custom vengeful-wow.exe Memory reduction and increase allocation Patch 1️⃣: Legion Artifacts/Mythics & BFA/WOD/MOP/Wings, Custom #🧙retro-ports Requested Items, Custom Currencies. [Hidden Content] | ⚠️ Size: 682MB | ⬆️Updated: 09-09-2019
  19. Updates for new Custom Mounts which are part of a new quest chain Modifications to certain legion models, not showing correctly Integration of 3 new mount models Fix for fire Elemental and Fel Fire Corrections Fixes for all reported issues by players Patch 2️⃣: Legion Mounts, Custom Mounts and Creatures [Hidden Content] | ⚠️ Size: 618 MB | ⬆️Updated: 09-06-2019
  20. Anubis


    @Genku Welcome to Vengeful-WoW, it is great to have you here. Thank you for your contribution to our server.
  21. Fixed warlock's Banish cancel if target was already banished Core/Spells: Add SpellMissInfo argument to BeforeHit hooks and call them also when the spell doesn't hit Fix spell_area not checking for zoneID for quests Fix for quests not casting correct spells on target due to Zone/Area Checks. Relates to quests which requires you to go trhough phases. Core/Spells: Add SpellMissInfo argument to BeforeHit hooks and call them also when the spell doesn't hit Fix spell_area handle same spell with the same quests Increased Mining Node Density, Spawn Chance vs players in zone Increased drop rate for Arctic Fur Finalization of ICC Re-Scripting Icecrown Citadel - 100% The Frozen Halls - 100% The Forge of Souls - 80% Halls of Reflection - 70% Pit of Saron- - 50% Core/Creature: pet assert Fix an assert triggered when dismissing pet while casting Custom Quest Chain: Release of "Protection of Ymirheim" and "The Road to Citadel"
  22. Genku


    already using them all haha, however I get a script error with grid and one other one while in game once I deactivated those two everything was fine! Thank you again for posting those addons!!!
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